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About me

What I love the most about my job today is that it gives me freedom and an opportunity to express myself in several professional directions: yoga, Aura-Soma, packaging & sustainability.

I enjoy giving my consultations to world-known agencies and my classes and webinars to private clients.
I prefer and focus on online mode and remote project steering.
Here are some facts about me:

  • 20 years of chemical and packaging R&D experience, group leading, international project management
  • RYT-500 in Yoga Alliance and 10 years of yoga experience
  • Registered practitioner in Aura-Soma
  • Member of ARPF (Alzheimer`s Research and Prevention Foundation)
  • 16 Verified Certificates

How I help my clients

As a true woman, I am talented in many ways!
Welcome to my glorious trinity of wellness and ecological technologies!

Yoga and brain longevity

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Sustainability and project management

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  • AlphaSights
    International consulting agency
    Thank you for speaking with our client! I know they really appreciate your professional insight on this project and it is a big pleasure working with you.
  • Kristina
    Director of IT company, Moscow
    Such yoga teachers are rare nowadays. I`m lucky and thank the day Velana crossed my life path.
  • Tatjana Maas, "Henkel AG" Düsseldorf
    IBS project manager
    I enjoyed yoga lessons with you. Different types, effective, customer focus, fun! Wish you much success in the future! Thanks and merciful greetings!
  • Toropov Leonid
    Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Senior Researcher,
    Associate Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Expertise (Perm State University, Russia)
    Since the time of your study and the excellent results of the Diploma-thesis on environmental subject, reflected in the letter of recommendation from the PSU to you, I realized that your path will be professionally valued and bright.
    Svetlana, you and your deeds are incomparable!
  • Olga and Anselm (NRW, Germany)
    Broker and entrepreneur
    I was even critical of the word "yoga". Thanks to you, and how you carefully and skillfully led me (and then also my husband) to the state that helped us regain the core of our health, motivation and energy potential, the belief that it is possible to get rid of pain, to gain physical form and flexibility from the moment when it seems that nothing will ever help. Your individual approach and attentive attitude to our bodies, thoughts, emotions, various interesting activities, and an impulse for self-development - we are grateful to you for all this. Thank you for transforming us through your personal coaching! Undoubtedly, I recommend you to everyone as a cool individual trainer.
  • Elena Popescu
    Housewife (NRW, Germany)
    Thanks for your personal coaching! Great progress on my objectives and improvements on my problems in half a year. Thank you for interesting classes in various styles! Besides that, I learned a lot of new things from such an erudite smart lady like you.
  • Shoaib
    School teacher (Pakistan)
    You`re a fairy!
    Your personal qualities and discipline in life are exemplary. I`m very impressed with your lifestyle.
    I think of you as people with intelligence, courage and persistence. Those who have truly implemented virtues, abilities, and ethics in their lives. If you would wish, you could become a captive of desires, a chaser of pleasure, hypocrisy, selfishness, greed, "celebrity roles" like ordinary people. But you chose a life of courage, minimalism and clarity, purity and service.
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