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Choose one of opportunity to start a beneficial cooperation with me

I offer you a program for short-term (2-3 days) or long-term (6-14 days) retreat.
Explore all my certifications and skills below and let's make an unforgettable transformative retreat at reasonable price!

Find a suitable and most interesting topics from my services below and I'll design an event for a group of your community, colleagues, suppliers, stakeholders. Let's discuss this opportunity and realisation plan in detail together!

You may pick up a single topic and I would be happy to design a seminar, master class, special campaign, or presentation for your company's summit or personnel appraisal program.
Feel free to contact me and we'll find the best solution!
Trinity of wellness and sustainability
Discover my service portfolio
  • Aura-Soma
    Express consultation
    Classic consultation
    Year forecast
    Lecture "Meet Aura-Soma!"
    Mandala painting workshop
    Any specific topic (Masters, Triumph, New beginning, Nature seria, etc.)
  • Yoga
    Brain longevity course
    Integral yoga
    Course "Dynamic sets"
    Chakra course (with Aura-Soma)
    Course "Yoga zoo"
    Unique course "Hatha + Hasta"
    Shatkarma & Shanprakshalana (cleansing technics and body detox) + my fasting tips
    Pranayama (breath technics in yoga) and various meditations
    Anatomy course
    Specific modules such as "Eclipse", "Twist it", "Standing", "Laying", "Bend it", "Round grips", "Leg stretch", "Wrists, arms, shoulders", etc., and mixes with kundalini and thai-bo
    Pre- and post-natal yoga
    Aerial yoga
  • Business consulting
    R&D packaging (international)
    Recyclability and sustainability (regulation, grants, awards, trends...)
    FMCG presentation in vid format (international scope, vegan products, organic, ethical, fair-trade)

    Mobbing survivors' tips
    Leading some projects for your company (vegan and truly sustainable)

    Presentation about financial opportunities (English or Russian), as I am official "DVAG" consultant


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