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Welcome to my consultation and discover all the beauty, power, and magic of Aura-Soma!
I searched and explored the depths of time, and I discovered something that existed but was long forgotten, something that was to be born again in the New Age.
We are the colors that we choose. And these colors determine the true needs of our inner being.
Vicky Wall, healer and founder of "Aura-Soma"
What is it?
Aura-Soma is a unique holistic system that appeared at the end of the last century in Great Britain and is developing to this day. It includes color therapy, numerology, astrology, and the energy-spiritual wisdom of humanity.

All products are natural, organic, sustainable, and vegan.
Aura-Soma's mission is to promote cooperation among all beings in caring for each other
and the Earth that sustains us.

Aura-Soma is dedicated to the personal awakening of everyone to be the best version of themselves and creating positive, conscious change on the planet.
Aura treatments
Negative emotions, stress, harmful habits, diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, collective electromagnetic spectrum around us and other life issues low the vibrations and quality of aura.
Choose the appropriate Aura-Soma treatment to balance, heal and strengthen your aura!
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Book a free
15-minute Q&A
with me!
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