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"Hatha + Hasta"

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About this course

Unique course combines hatha asanas (yoga poses) and hasta mudras (specific hand gestures in yoga that guide energy, manifesting power, and transformation).

Asana (yoga pose) works on excellent and health of physical body, mainly.
Hasta mudra (speicific hand gestures) coupled with meditative state work with quantum reality and subtle energy channels.

It upgraded my life. Now it is your chance.
Get the multiplied effect and avail of both tools to improve and transform your life!

Course is suitable for yoga practitioners of both intermediate and advanced levels
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Certified yoga teacher in various styles and practices.
Yoga practitioner with over 11 years of experience.

Registered yoga teacher in the World Yoga Alliance for more than 7 years (RYT500)

Certified Brain Health and Longevity Specialist.
Actual member of the Alzheimer's Disease Research and Prevention Foundation.
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