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Sustainability, packaging, project management

Some areas of my experience and focus
Various packaging types and E-commerce
Recycling and recyclability
Bio-based and biodegradable
SDG, defossilization agenda and statistics
Sustainable & vegan
My latest certificates


Sustainable and vegan FMCG
Explore the collection of sustainable, organic and vegan products in the FMCG business market from all over the world, nicely shaped by me in short video presentations.
Vegan and ecological shopping
Open for you an amazing and fast-developing world of eco and vegan shopping!
Discover new companies, producers, products, materials, and incredible designs, taking the best care and commitment to a cleaner and better world.
Enjoy my collection, including unboxing seria.

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    Not more than 28 hours per week.
    Many social experiments have proved its efficiency for both employees and companies in different countries, and I`m not gonna ignore this fact.
    It`s not about money for me, it`s about my fulfillment in all three directions I`ve chosen in life.
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    Remote / Home-office
    For this purpose, I`ve set up the highest-speed (and most expensive tariff) internet possible in Germany. In addition, I`m single, childfree and pet-free, so no disturbing factors at home. Coupled with flexible working hours, it`s best both for eco-mindfulness (no traffic jams at the same time) and individual holistic health.
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    English language
    And I like it :)
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