Online master class
"Dynamic sets" in hatha flow style
and amazing course video

14 June 2024 20:00 pm (CET)
Duration: 2 hours

About course

This course is based on hatha asanas, assembled in simple dynamic sets. It is professionally designed to harmoniously train all parts of the body for those who prefer movement to static.
Over 2 hours, we will analyze in detail and exercise each asana of each set.

The class and master class are suitable for yoga practitioners of both advanced and intermediate levels.
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6 sets

Health of back and knees
The first set consists of three poses: two in a standing position and one in a sitting position, with the main focus on the back and knees
Health of a spine and legs
The second set consists of two basic asanas in a standing position with variations, ensuring leg stability, lengthening and twisting ability of the spine, normalization of blood pressure and brain neurology
Health of hip joints
The third set includes three poses, providing a soft opening of the hip joints, transverse stretching of the legs, and lateral flexibility of the spine
Resilience and overall coordination
The fourth set is based on three asanas, working on the health of the feet, shoulder joints, balance structures, comfort of releasing the muscles of the neck and back
Abs and chest
The fifth set consists of 4 poses, giving a strong abs, stretching the instep and various muscles of the legs; opening the chest, stimulating the immune system
Arms strength
The sixth set consists of three poses, training the strength of the arms and abdominal muscles at the same time as the balance of the whole body
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Certified yoga teacher in various styles and practices.
Yoga practitioner with over 10 years of experience.

Registered yoga teacher in the World Yoga Alliance for more than 7 years (RYT500)

Certified Brain Health and Longevity Specialist.
Actual member of the Alzheimer's Disease Research and Prevention Foundation.
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