Price list


90 €
Monthly membership on my Vstudio profile
115 €
5 any classes from my vstudio timetable

200 €
10 lessons from my vstudio timetable
40 €
Individual client coaching, personalization for specific tasks, individual planning, compilation, training methods, adjustment and monitoring.
1 lesson is 80-90 min.
Private coaching


Express consultation gives you personalized know-how for a chosen day.

Are you planning an important event?
Are you choosing a date for a wedding or business opening?
Curious to know the guidance of the Aura-Soma angels?
Then an express consultation is what you need!
90 €
A classic Aura-Soma consultation:

+ reveals your unique gifts and mission of the spirit,
+ shows your past-present-future timeline,
+ helps you find answers to life situations,
+ revives inspiration and confidence on your path.
120 €
Mega-consultation, revealing for you all the sides and keys of Aura-Soma.
You get the entire Classic + the following:

+ determination of your individual equilibrium in Aura-Soma
+ trends on your timeline
+ how others see you
+ practical tips on the Path of destiny and much more!
Get a colourful, inspiring, and most unusual year forecast!
Main leitmotifs and Aura-Soma tips for 2024
Aura-Soma 2024

Packaging & sustainablity, project management

170 €
My expert opinion on your questions via online (Zoom, Teams, etc.) or teleconference.
300 €
A selection and video edition of 4-5 innovative products of a specific type you are interested in (from the FMCG sector).
Look at the playlist "Innovation Forum_Sustainable & vegan" on my YouTube channel for examples.
Innovation digest
By agreement
Project management of a couple of interesting projects.

Believe me, it will be inexpensive for you.
Please note I only consider sustainable and vegan companies and projects.
90 €
Based on my own experience of corporate mobbing for 2,5 years.
I will share effective methods of communication, composure and self-repair, strategy, filing a lawsuit, and the maximum multiplied result and victory for you at the end of this tough path.
Consultation Antimobbing
30 €
Determination and decoding of the karmic code of your soul and tasks for this incarnation by the date of your birth. According to one of the "Amrita" methods.
Basic version.
Karmic code
50 €
Determination and decoding of the karmic code of your soul and tasks for this incarnation by the date of your birth. According to one of the "Amrita" methods.
Full version, including all digital characteristics and combinations.
Karmic code
If you`re 100% self-employed/freelancer like me, we may exchange in equivalent. :)
For example,
1) I give you a yoga class - you give me a massage session or photo shooting.
2) You attend my webinar - I attend your webinar.
Feel free to contact me, if you`re interested!

Gift cards

30 €
Pre-paid gift card
50 €
Pre-paid gift card
90 €
Pre-paid gift card
120 €
Pre-paid gift card
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