Yoga & Aura-Soma
in eco-studio
Essen-Kettwig and online

Yoga & Aura-Soma
in eco-studio
Essen-Kettwig and online

About studio
It is exclusively designed to be a delightful oasis of serenity and harmony, dreams and contemplation, your wellness and transformation.
It is minimalistically and carefully filled with ecological and high-quality goods, made of sustainable, vegan & fair-trade materials.
An eco-provider for electricity and heating
(from renewable sources)
I set up the fastest internet tariff, so you enjoy uninterrupted streaming.
Reliable, secured, fastest!
ECO Forex Premium print with Fineart and matte lamination
(protection from UV, moisture and scratches). Prevail colors are the main Aura-Soma colors of 2024
Natural, organic, vegan, fair-trade certified.
By "livinterior" and "Paco Home" producers.
Like the poster, in main Aura-Soma 2024 colors
Just feel this ecological,
high-vibrational inspiring pure atmosphere:
flower planters made of bioplastic and delivered from Canada, best quality "doTerra" aroma oils create the appropriate atmosphere, handcrafted walnut wood Mandala clock from UK, eco yoga props by "YogaDesignLab" and "greenyogashop" and World Yoga Alliance; eco- and fair-trade certified furniture; non-smoking, alcohol-free and pet-free studio...


See the schedule and choose yoga classes and events
The parking lot is always free for you at the house
I offer online classes via vstudio,
and my eco studio is for private yoga coaching, live seminars and thematical events

Upcoming events


What you need to know before a yoga class, events or consultation
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    How do I choose a class that is right for me?
    I advise 5- or 10-class pack so you try various classes in my timetable to find out your preferences.

    Class video replay is available for registered students.
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    Do you offer classes suitable for different skill levels?
    Yes, you can find classes for beginners, intermediate, as well as advance level of complexity in my timetable.

    Private coaching in my eco studioroom is the best in terms of customization of classes for you, efficiency, your learning progress and development.
  • 3
    How long are the classes and do you have special events sometimes?
    Average class takes 60-90 minutes. This and more info can be seen on class details.

    Other workshops and thematical events an average of 70-100 minutes.

    Please follow my timetable and sign up for my monthly newsletter in order not to miss interesting events and discounts.
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    What is Aura-Soma?
    Aura-Soma is a holistic self-care system that includes color therapy, numerology, psychology, and aura vibrational treatments. Thank ecologic biodynamics it uses organic colorful oils, essences and crystals to promote balance and well-being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
    For more info please refer to my "Aura-Soma" page by clicking button below.

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