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New "Forbes" study reveals mental health issues

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Business owners and directors (42%) are more often stressed out than their team members (40%) and senior leadership (35%), and 25% say they are “often” or “always” feeling burned out.

33% of C-level leaders say they don't want to work anymore.

40% of the C-suite says they will likely quit within the year because of work-related stress.

These are the data from a recent study published by "Forbes" on 15 April 2024!

60% of employees worldwide say their job is the biggest factor influencing their mental health.

81% of employees worldwide would prioritize good mental and physical health over a high-paying job, and 64% admit they would take a pay cut for a job that better supports their mental wellness.

According to recent global research by World Yoga Alliance, the top 5 health needs are: stress relief, body flexibility, weight loss (obesity), overall health improvement/ general fitness, and personal development.

I'm a Registered yoga teacher and certified specialist on brain longevity and health. Moreover, I'm like nobody else who may understand it excellently: I spent more than 13 years as manager in the international corporate world.

I transformed and healed myself, and now combine the strengths of both business management and wellness professionalism.

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