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Yoga Alliance published results of new big research "Yoga in the world"

Yoga Alliance, a largest professional yoga community in a world, has presented the results of new research "Yoga in the world".
10 countries, headliners are USA, UK, Germany, Brazil.

Since I live and teach in Germany, I'm honoured and proud to present you the Germany results of this fresh study.
The main German findings:

  • Most yoga teachers, yoga studio owners, and practitioners are women (white race).
  • Most yoga teachers are highly educated professionals!
  • 12% growth of online yoga
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  • Most people started yoga by friends recommendation.
  • 52% of practitioners came to yoga classes by motivation of stress relief. Then follow in ranking, flexibility (#2) and improve overall health (#3).
It proves clearly that most of people not capable (or luck the knowledge and proper awareness) managing their daily workload and lifestyle correctly and healthy. Most modern people lead self-destructing lifestyle, evidently. Yoga may help on this term a lot!
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  • Among top factors where to practice yoga, three you definitely have in my mini eco studio (professional yoga teacher = competent instructions, cleanliness of space, and privacy)
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The executive summary by 10 countries
And on below chart you may see the areas of my professional focus in yoga teaching marked in blue rectangular:
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Thanks for your attention, keep calm and do yoga! :)
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