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Opening of my virtual yoga studio! Discounts for new members!

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24 April 2023
Opening my online yoga on "vstudio" platform!
Because of this happy and long-awaited news, first-week` classes with discounted prices.
Also "Pay what you can" classes are available. Book now and join!
Till 1 May 2023 enjoy discounts on membership, class packs (5/10), and gift cards.

Velana vstudio

Why vstudio?

Benefits for yoga teachers and fitness instructors:

1. All-in-one platform

2. Designed for your classes and offerings, not meetings (difference with Zoom and similar business platforms).

3. All the tools needed to run wellness business and available in one place.

4. Click on the student to make full screen and give your guidance

5. Automatically turn a live class into VOD (Video on-demand) for purchase or for members

6. High Quality recording without students’ audio/video

7. Scheduling is easy across in-person, online, and 1:1 sessions.

8. Play music for students – control volume and start/stop.

9. Multilanguage interface

10. Manage email list, calendar, CRM, and much more.

Benefits for students/members:

1. Flexible class options and pricing models

2. Available options “Pay what you can” – classes for donation. Social aspect. Please appreciate & thank such teachers!

3. Students can make a video seen by the teacher/instructor only

4. Students can unmute and only the instructor/teacher hear you

5. Access to class recording in high quality in a class replay cloud

6. Easy booking/payment process in 1-click, simple and comprehensive interface

7. Book 1-1 session and request your favorite music for your individual class with the teacher

8. Reach out a teacher for your additional post-class questions via platform communication tools

I teach in English and Russian.
Online yoga is hygiene and you don`t need to waste your time on traffic.
With me, you always have professional and skilled content, classes in different styles of yoga, high-quality live streaming (professional camera, microphone system, highest-speed internet possible in Germany, lightning, etc.), and a beautiful teacher full of energy and shine.

Book your first class with me now and I look forward to our fruitful & enjoyable collaboration!
More courses and events are coming!

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