Webinar "4 pillars of AD`s prevention"

I` am an actual member of "Alzheimer Research and Prevention Foundation".

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On this webinar, you`ll learn about 4 pillars of Alzheimer's Disease prevention, the major risk factors of dementia, the latest research data, and much more interesting and useful

Why it is so important?

You may see a dramatic statistic:
  • at least 7.7 mln people are diagnosed with dementia worldwide annually
  • by 2050 this number expects upward to 13.8 mln
  • there is no medicine to cure it. Doctors and healthcare professionals are still looking for magic drug...
  • according to latest research, Covid infection rises up the risk of AD

Alzheimer`s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2023.

From humble beginnings in March 1993 to now, it’s been a fantastic journey powered by vision, passion, pioneer work, and support from forward-looking individuals from all over the world.

Even though training and work already had a definite academic and integrative medicine bent, we could not have guessed the magnitude of impact it would give to the mission of ARPF.

Register for this webinar and get to know

  • ARPF`s non-pharma approach which is now considered mainstream
  • who`s at risk?
  • non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors
  • Influence of diet type
  • study on supplements
  • stress management & age
  • spiritual fitness
  • and much more

Forewarned is forearmed!

Register for 60-min webinar "4 pillars of AD`s prevention"
12 April 18:00 (CET)

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